Adventure Session 1: May 2009

Adventure Session 2: August 2009

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Adventure Session 1: 15May09

As the campaign begins, Eric Stone and Ailanthus already know each other for the past few years. Eric has noticed the effect that Ailanthus has had on her neighborhood, and has struck up a friendship with her to improve the wild spaces and plants within the city. Eric also knows Rynard and through him, Bartolemei.

The adventure begins in early spring, before the celebration of the vernal equinox. There will be a major party in Hilhaven for the equinox to celebrate the rites of spring, and everyone is excited because this year will mark the coming out party for the princess. [Little in known about her likes and habits, as the royal family has been fairly secretive about her.]

Bart and Rynard are headed into the city from their homes to the north to begin the social season and attend the royal party.


Pope Petrus’ speech:

Petrus makes the following speech from the steps of the temple of Heironeous in Hilhaven a few days after the incident at the castle.

“My children, as you know, these are difficult and trying times. Many have drifted away from the gods of our ancestors, and forgotten all the blessings that they have granted us. New religions seek to pull away the faithful and blind them to the light of the true gods, and many have been seduced by the false promises of these corrupting faiths. The true gods are displeased with us, in their merciful love they have given us an opportunity to prove our faith and return to the light.”

“I have been granted a vision. A holy relic, the staff of Hilerion, lies somewhere within the bounds of the ancient lands of the Vast. This staff, which was carried by Hilerion herself in the great battle against the darkness, has the power to show the true way to the faithful, and lead us back to the light. Finding the staff will inspire the faithful and act as a symbol for all nations and peoples that Tharhalan is still devoted to and favored by Heironeous and the other true gods.”

“Therefore, in the name of the holy church of Hieroneous and of Queen Eliza III of Tharhalan, I am declaring a holy quest to find the staff. Any who wish to participate must make themselves and their team known to father Contarin at the temple of Heironeous within the two next weeks. Those who are judged worthy by the church will be given clues to aid them, and will begin the search for the staff a fortnight hence. Queen Eliza has declared that whoever returns the staff to the temple shall be granted a prize of gold, land, and the noble title of duke.”

“It is a grave and great undertaking that we have been given, one that I hope will show the best of our people and bring the continuing favor of the gods upon us. Go now in the light of Heironeous.”

See notes on Pope Petrus’ statement World & Rules\Plot notes for JIRJ Campaign 2009-08-01.doc

The Clue to the Quest:

The clues are in the form of a poem:

At highest peak where day goes to die
Heed the song upon the air
In deepest dale where ancients sigh
Heed the clue for those who dare
Where river’s leap greets golden eye
Find the one who once was blest
In resting place where spirits cry
Find the goal for which you quest

Adventure Session 2: 06Aug09

End of second adventure!